Lab blenders   Manual colony counter SCAN 100
  The best preparation before microbiological analysis for all samples from 10 g to 400 g and enable optimal bacterial extraction in 30 to 60 seconds.
  It provides optimal colony counting on all media. Its USB port ensures traceability by exporting the results without prior software installation and with an error-free export of data.


Automatic colony counters
  Gravimetric dilutors
  Automatic platers
Quick, and traceable counting results. Widely used in food microbiology, it counts colonies and automatically saves all data to Excel™. Equiped with a digital camera and a powerful software.
  They automatically dilute a solid sample with the appropriate mass of diluant.
  Allow the automatic plating of your sample on a Petri dish in just 25 seconds with a decreasing concentration, replacing up to 4 necessary dilutions.


  Automatic diluter and plater
  Dispensing pumps
  An automatic diluter and plater with full traceability. No more hours of dispensing tubes, autoclaving and washing tubes, no more pipette calibration.
  Great tool for serial dispensing of culture media, agar or any liquid diluant. Its speed and precision guarantee an efficient sample preparation.