Multiparameter Sonde WTW - all in one cable


MPP IDS – Multi-parameter Depth Sondes within IDS System

  • Simultaneous measurement of O2 pH/ORP and conductivity
  • Barometric compensated depth measurement
  • Profile measurement without cable spaghetti
  • special cable reel available
  • One or three universal measurement channels


Slender single parameter sonde with 40 mm diameter for dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP or conductivity. Available in applications kits in a field case including IDS plug head sensors. Suitable for Measurements in 2 inch bore holes.



Multi-parameter sonde for simultaneous measurement of up to three parameters: dissolved oxygen, pH or ORP and conductivity. It is available in kits including sensors. Typical applications are studies of water bodies down to depth of 100 m (e.g. limnological studies).