Lab Weighing with Sartorius



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These ultra-microbalances, microbalances, analytical balances and precision balances excel in speed, accuracy and quality backed by years of experience.

  Premium-Level Balances
This high-performance laboratory balance is the recognized benchmark for use in regulated areas, such as pharmaceutical laboratories with global operations that must comply with the strictest requirements. 
Choose from thousands of options to configure this balance to suit your individual needs and obtain the optimal solution for integration into your specific processes.

  Standard-Level Balances
  Quintix® and Secura®: 
These two families of balances redefine standards. 
They are ideal for those of you who need both accurate weighing results and easy operation. 
Increase your efficiency by using integrated application programs and obtain highly accurate results thanks to their fully automatic internal adjustment function. 
Beyond these features, Secura® provides safe and secure protection systems and functions, such as real-time monitoring of the level status and password-protected menu settings.

  Entry-Level Balances
  Entris® and Practum®: 
These two families of balances are designed to help you start off right in professional weighing. 
All models feature high-quality weigh cells that ensure fast and repeatable weighing results.