Do you need to test and demonstrate the quality, safety and authenticity of food and drink to ensure consumer confidence in your products? 

For 25 years, we have been supporting and supplying the food and beverage industry with food reference standards and matrix materials to meet the increasing demands on the food supply chain.

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Choose from an immense range of organic and inorganic reference standards for use in nutritional and contaminant analysis in food and food products
  Use our food reference standards and matrix materials to test beverages, meat and dairy products, cereals and grains for safety and authenticity including meat speciation, allergenic content and GMO.
  Depend on our world leading ISO Guide 34 accredited certified reference materials (CRMs), matrix reference materials and quality control (QC) materials.




Food analysis standards

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Food authenticity

Cereals and genetically modified crops


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MUVA reference materials


Purified genomic DNA (gDNA)

Reference materials for microbiological properties