BioTek’s new Lionheart LX Automated Microscope is designed with affordability in mind, offering an alternative to expensive, custom-built automated microscopes that are complex to learn and use. The compact, ocular-free hardware design eases ergonomic discomfort. Along with Gen5™ software, Lionheart LX enables Augmented Microscopy™, which fully automates image capture, processing and analysis. Load samples, start a run and come back to publication-ready images and quantitative data. Lionheart LX can help increase your research output while reducing processing time and costs.

Affordable automated digital microscopy
High contrast brightfield, color brightfield and fluorescence imaging
Augmented Microscopy: Easy imaging workflow automation
Quick analyze: instant cell count and confluence measurement
Integrated, compact design offers quick installation and setup


With its comprehensive feature set, Lionheart LX automates many microscopy workflows, including:
Cell counting
Endpoint live cell assays (apoptosis, autophagy, cytotoxicity and others)
Histology (H&E)
Label-free cell counting