DK Series Kjeldahl Digestion Units

Traditional Kjeldahl Digestion Units for nitrogen analysis and protein determination, with an aluminum heating block that offers an excellent thermal homogeneity, with a maximum working temperature of 450 °C.

High Performance

  • Excellent thermal homogeneity
  • High temperature stability with aluminum block
  • Good repeatability of temperature
  • Premium quality consumables

Convenient to Use

  • Choice of 6 operating languages
  • LCD display of all parameters
  • 20 customizable program memories

Practical Considerations

  • Very small footprint
  • Constantly monitor the digestion process on display
  • Conforms to Good Laboratory Practice standard

Wide Choice

  • Models to match tube type and quantity
    DK 6 (6-position with 250 ml tubes, Ø 42 mm)
    DK 6/48 (6-position with 300 ml tubes, Ø 48 mm)
    DK 8 (8-position with 250 ml tubes, Ø 42 mm)
    DK 20 (20-position with 250 ml tubes, Ø 42 mm)
    DK 20/26 (20-position with 100 ml tubes, Ø 26 mm)
    DK 42/26 (42-position with 100 ml tubes, Ø 26 mm)



  • Complete your preferred system with the following components:
  DK 6 DK 6/48 DK 8 DK 20 DK 20/26 DK 42/26

Support System
A00001206 A00001206 A00000064 A00000190 A00001206 A00000190

Sample Rack
with Heat Shields
A00001111 A00001113 A00000063 A00000168 A00001110 A00000180

Suction Cap
A00001096 A00001101 A00000065 A00000169 A00109626 A00000179

Test Tubes
A00000144 A00001088 A00000144 A00000144 A00000146 A00000146

For application where the digestion process produces fumes, acid gases or corrosive substances, the below specific accessories are strongly recommended:

  • JP Pump aspirates noxious fumes
  • SMS Scrubber neutralizes all the fumes (for safety)
    Two JP Pumps are recommended when using DK 42/26
  • Special Application: DK6 & DK 20 can be used also for Chemical Oxygen Demand
    processing 6 or 20 samples simultaneously