FIWE Fiber Analyzers

Fiber Analyzers that use pre-heated reagents for fiber analysis according to Weende, Van Soest and other official methods.

High Performance

  • Rapid analysis – 2 hours vs. 6 hours with manual systems
  • Reliable results
  • High reproducibility
  • Back-pressure pump prevents clogging of crucibles


  • Total raw fiber extraction using Weende technique
  • Neutral & acid detergent fiber with NDF, ADF, Van Soest extractions
  • Acid detergent lignin extraction with ADL & Van Soest methods
  • Fiber fraction analysis (cellulose, hemicellulose & pectin)
  • Links boiling, rinsing and filtration
  • Single or multiple samples can be processed

Full System

  • Reagent preheating on RC 2 hotplate (provided)
  • Same crucibles used for weighing, drying & washing – no loss

Choice of Models

  • FIWE is available in different configurations:
    FIWE 3, a 3-position raw fiber analyzer
    FIWE 6, a 6-position raw fiber analyzer



  • Combine with COEX for cold extraction before fiber analysis