FIWE Advance Automatic Fiber Analyzer

The automatic analyzer for crude and detergent fiber determination according to official reference methods requiring minimum operator time with unique user interface and cloud connectivity.

Compliance and Consistency

  • The FIWE Advance crucible method is adherent to official methods (ISO, AOAC) ensuring compliance and consistency
  • Fiber residues stay in crucibles during the whole steps of the analysis eliminating the risk of errors
  • Crude fiber (CF) determination and Detergent fiber determination of NDF, ADF and ADL
  • Fiber fraction analysis (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin)

Full Automation

  • The FIWE Advance heats and doses the required reagents precisely to analyze
    up to 6 samples simultaneously
  • The VELP Dispensing Nozzle drives the reagents precisely into each column
    avoiding user contact with hot chemicals and fumes
  • FIWE Advance automates digestion, filtration and washing steps without any operator intervention
  • Automatic addition of antifoam and enzymes

Save Time and Money

  • The operator time required is as little as 2 minutes
  • FIWE Advance treats each sample individually and takes care of each step of the analysis allowing for overnight work
  • The FIWE Advance automatic processes free up valuable time enhancing lab productivity and saving money

Complete Safety

  • All the reagents required are contained in dedicated glass tanks and bottles located inside the instrument
  • The FIWE Advance pre-heats, dispenses, and collects hot chemicals automatically so the risk of contact with the operator is eliminated
  • Dedicated LED show the active columns and facilitates residues detection

Smart and Easy-to-use

  • The 7" color touch screen offers simple and intuitive user interface designed to simplify operations
  • Choose from preset methods or customize your own, mark as your favorites for quick access
  • Optional balance connection and barcode scanner are available to simplify analysis preparation.

Cloud-Enabled Instrument

  • Effortlessly connect FIWE Advance to the cloud in complete safety via LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Real time monitoring and notification via VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
  • Immediate Software Updates (OTA)
  • Anytime access to your data via PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights 


  • Combine with COEX for cold extraction of fats