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VELP Scientifica analytical instruments simplify your routine activities offering high performance, accuracy and efficiency.

VELP provides premium solutions and food analyzers to research centers and companies for Carbon determination, N/Protein Determination (Kjeldahl and Dumas), Solvent Extraction (Soxhlet, Randall), Fiber Analysis (Weende, Van Soest) and other parameters on food, feed and beverages

Elemental Analyzers   Kjeldahl Digestion Units    Kjeldahl Distilation Units     Shelf Life Investigation
VELP Scientifica elemental analyzers are the ideal solution for Carbon and Nitrogen determination according to the combustion method for testing both solid and liquid samples.   The digester is a widely used instrument in laboratories performing nitrogen analysis for diversified applications in food&feed, beverage, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.   The distillation unit is used to perform nitrogen analysis and protein determination according to Kjeldahl method in food&feed industry and other applications in environmental and chemical industries after having digested the sample accurately.  


Oxidation of fats contained in foods can be considered as one of the most important factors affecting shelf-life of food. OXITEST is an innovative instrument able to provide useful information concerning the oxidative stability of lipids in foods.


 Solvent Extractors

  Fiber Analyzers    Dietery Fiber Analyzers    Consumables


The Automatic SER 158 and semi-automatic SER 148 provide safe and fast solvent extraction in a wide range of samples covering a variety of applications. VELP HU6 hydrolysis system is available for total fat analysis prior to solvent extraction..

  FIWE units are suitable for the crude fiber analysis and detergent fiber extraction according to official standard methods.   The VELP system includes a mixing water bath for the delicate enzymatic digestion phase and a filtration unit for the final filtration and washing phase   VELP Scientifica provides a wide range of consumables designed to ensure optimum performance for Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analysers, Kjeldahl Analyzers and Solvent Extractors.