Portable Turbidity Meters
Turb® 430 IR/Turb® 430 T – Lab accuracy & comfort in portable field instrument
Scattered light characteristics according to Pharmacopeia 5.0
Multifunctional LabStation
GLP/AQA conform documentation

The Turb® 430 IR meets the DIN 27027/ISO7027 requirements, the Turb® 430 T those of US EPA 180.1. 
The measuring range is from 0 to 1100 NTU/ FNU and is identified automatically. 

All measurements and menu driven 3-point calibration along with the easy functions for accurate and precise measurements require minimal training. 
The calibration is performed via an AMCO Clear® standards set (0.02-10-1000 NTU). 
Up to 1000 data sets with ID numbers can be stored and output using the LabStation and powerful LSdata software. 
The quality of the measurement results is supported by adjustable calibration intervals with documentation.
Lab Turbidity Meters
Turb® 550/Turb® 550 IR – The professional turbidity meter – Up to 1 000 NTU
Measuring range 0.01 ... 1 000 NTU with autoranging
Automatic 1-3 point calibration
Flow-through measurement

Laboratory turbidity meters for nephelometric measurements with automatic 1-3-point calibration and calibration interval monitoring. 
Measuring range selection from 0.01 ... 1 000 NTU is carried out automatically, 
and for comparative measurements the current and previous values can be shown on the 2-line display. 
Standard equipment includes instrument with built-in short operating instructions, 
3 cuvettes and 3 standards: 0.02 – 10.0 – 1 000 NTU, AMCO Clear® standards with approval for drinking water as primary standards according to US EPA, 
and according to EN ISO 7027. An unpressurized flow-through adapter is available for continuous measurements.