The LMS Pharma Modular monitoring software system collects, analyzes and displays data for all phases of pharmaceutical operations. Its modular design allows selection of predefined features that match specific project requirements, simplifying installation, configuration and validation.

Specifically designed for high-reliability and secure facility monitoring, LMS Pharma Modular integrates robust and comprehensive security with system data redundancy and an intuitive easy-to-use interface. Real time and historical data can be securely viewed and analyzed in maps, trend charts (graphs), data tables and fully customizable reports. Easy-to-use graphical area displays provide exceptionally fast visual notification of problems so that monitoring tasks and alarm acknowledgements can be accomplished quickly and easily.
The optional redundant data acquisition computer (standby system) will take over control seamlessly should the primary computer fail. This “fail-over” feature provides uninterrupted operation and reliable data collection even during the most critical situations. The “fail-back” feature returns control back to the primary computer when it has been restored to functionality. All of this takes place without any operator intervention.

Possible failure scenarios during which a redundant computer will protect the overall system functionality may include:
Physical failure of primary data acquisition computer
Primary computer Operating System (OS) errors causing software failure
Primary computer power failure (standby computer has power)
Operator errors or induced problems
Main network failure (standby system is on a redundant network)

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