The most advanced, fault tolerant enterprise wide contamination monitoring system available, the “Lighthouse Monitoring System” is synonymous with continuous environmental monitoring in cleanrooms in the semiconductor, data storage and life science industries.
The Lighthouse Monitoring System provides a single point of configuration and data analysis. It offers the capability to view graphs, charts, maps, SPC, system status, sensor status, and more. Each of these can be customized and displayed simultaneously. 
The LMS provides superior data collection reliability by providing redundant data collection engines, redundant data storage and data viewing.

Customers throughout the world have been using the summary SPC information from the LMS to maintain process yields and reduce manufacturing costs for 20 years.

The Lighthouse Monitoring System can collect data from a small number of intelligent devices without the need for any additional hardware or software, providing a small, inexpensive solution for monitoring small environmental areas or data from  a limited number of sensors. For systems with greater data collection requirements, the Lighthouse Monitoring System can be connected to one or more sensor networks, distributing data collection to the multiple servers, freeing the central Lighthouse Monitoring System for communications and more sophisticated data analysis. The Lighthouse Monitoring System can be expanded at any time, growing slowly or quickly to match budgets and increased environmental monitoring requirements.

Open Architecture
Modular and Expandable
Customizable Real-time Data Displays Including Graphs, Charts, Maps, and Data Status
Customizable Historical Data Displays
Unlimited Customizable, Restorable Data Views
Export Data to Industry-standard Programs
Automated Alarming
Automated Reporting
Password Security Access
Numeric & Alphanumeric Paging
Sophisticated, Customizable SPC Calculations
Alarm on SPC data

Flexible Data Viewing and Reporting
Scalable from Small Systems to Distributed Systems with Thousands of Sensors
Can Expand the System in Small or Large Steps
Can Exchange Data with Other Cleanroom and Facility Systems
Open Architecture, Vendor-neutral Design
Supports Instruments and Sensors from any Manufacturer
View Conditions of all Cleanrooms Real-time
Highlights Contamination Issues
Historical Data Trending
Alarm on Catastrophic Events
Identifies Trends and Provides Early Warnings
Provides Visual, Audible, and Electronic Notification
Provides Data for Customer Audits
Aids Facility Shutdowns and Re-starts
Allows for Real-time Response when Warning or Alarm Conditions are Exceeded
24/7 Technical Support
International Support

Designed and built by Lighthouse, a name you can trust