Designed with the latest in high-pressure gas component and patented laser particle counting technologies, the Lighthouse Gas Sampling System allows sampling of high pressure (30-150 psi) inert gas systems, such as Helium, Nitrogen, Argon and CO2, with a sensitivity of 0.10μm at 1 CFM (28.3 LPM).


As the industry’s only true portable 0.10μm system and having an exceptionally low operating noise level and small footprint, the Lighthouse Gas Sampling System allows portable or fixed installations in areas where diffusers were thought impractical.
The Gas Sampling System zero counts quickly and will not induce spurious or random 0.1μm counts due to oscillations as other designs can.
The Gas Sampling System’s Stainless Steel design is rugged and reliable. The 5.7” color touch screen makes set up and operation easy. During normal operation, no inert gas is wasted - 100% of the gas supplied is used

Designed and built by Lighthouse, a name you can trust.