The MB1 and MB2 MicroBio air samplers are the most economical samplers in the world for monitoring airborne micro-organisms or bioaerosols.
They have been fully validated by the UK Department of Trade and Industry Validation of Analytical Methods (VAM) programme to meet the standards required for a reference sampler.


These samplers collect airborne micro-organisms by drawing a stream of air at a constant flow rate of 100 litres per minute through a series of small holes in a metal head. The air stream then impinges onto a sterile culture medium in a 55mm contact plate or 90mm Petri dish. After exposure to the air stream for a fixed period, the contact plate is removed and incubated. The numbers of colonies which develop are counted, enabling a calculation to be made of the concentration of microorganisms in the air (CFU/m3 - colony forming units per cubic metre).