DOP2200 MICRO AEROGENE Thermal Aerosol Generator

A very compact and easy to carry device for use in cleanroom and containment systems for testing HEPA and ULPA Filtration Systems. It is also used for airflow visualisation, recovery rate determinations and containment leak testing in the clean air and containment industry sectors. 
Oil is propelled through the heat exchanger using an inert gas (normally CO2), and is vaporised. The vapour condenses in the ambient air to provide a dry dense aerosol smoke of specific particle size distribution suited to the above testing specifications.
The precision control dial allows for accurate and repeatable control the aerosol output.
The Micro Aerogene covers the main range of output concentrations required for testing small safety and clean air cabinets up to HVAC and multi-filter cleanroom installations.
The aerosol may be easily directed to the point of use using our Positive Injection Pump (PIP). The PIP also allows the aerosol to be injected into positive pressures. Using our Sparge Pipes, the aerosol may be distributed within an air duct or plenum using the PIP thus reducing the required mixing distance for upstream challenges.

SPG Pneumatically Operated Aerosol Generators

A very comprehensive and versatile range of Laskin Nozzle Aerosol Generators used for HEPA filter, cleanroom and safety cabinet testing.
The choice of model, and number of nozzles and holes, allows aerosol outputs capable of challenging systems up to 8500m3/hr with 10g/l and gives a particle size distribution compliant to the ISO14644-3 Cleanroom and Controlled Environments Standard. The particle size range generated is up to 2 microns with a count mean diameter of 0.15-0.25microns.
The mode of operation is to connect the aerosol generator (with tube/fittings provided) to a system or stand-alone compressed air source and by valve selection of nozzle numbers aerosol is generated.

DOP600C15 Laskin Nozzle Aerosol generator

The Generator is one of a family of Laskin Nozzle Generators providing cold aerosol generation.
The Generator is unique allowing it to be used from its own built in compressor or alternatively from a user supplied compressed air supply of 1.5bar at 77 l/min. An internal baffle plate minimises large droplets. Two nozzles, one with two holes and the other with four holes are independently switched to provide three aerosol output settings. The Generator is supplied with 2.5m x 32mm bore flexible hose and is capable of outputting at a pressure of 0.3bar (30,000Pa). It may be used directly with our sparge pipe kit and Positive Injection Pumps (PIP).