Since 1961, Air Techniques has been the leading designer and manufacturer of specialized testing equipment for HEPA filters, media, filter cartridges, respirators and protective masks. Air Techniques manufactures a comprehensive line of test equipment from small portable units for on-site certification up to the largest systems used by major producers and testing laboratories for testing filters, respirators and protective masks.

HEPA Filter Leak Testing

ATI has been the industry leader in aerosol photometers and generators since 1961.  ATI photometers and generators are used by the pharmaceutical, nuclear, and defense industries worldwide.  Since pioneering the technology of aerosol photometry, ATI has remained at the leading edge of its field, applying its knowledge and experience to a wide range of cleanroom and filter testing applications.














  Model 2i Aerosol Photometer

The most advanced, innovative and user-friendly digital aerosol photometer available today, the 2i Digital Photometer is portable, yet rugged, and the ideal instrument for in-situ filtration system integrity testing. The iProbe, a handheld scanner with local LCD display and controls, enables the operator to change settings without stopping to adjust the base unit, minimizing downtime.


  • Independent Filter Certifiers
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Medical Facilities & Cleanrooms
  • Bio-Safety Cabinets & Fume Hoods

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, portable and rugged digital photometer
  • Large 4.3″ LCD screen to display critical information
  • iProbe (optional) with 12 ft cable for hard to reach areas minimizes downtime
  • User settable aerosol noise suppression for more stable aerosol measurements
  • Printer (optional) available for reporting
  • 2i-N models include a sealed sample train, allowing for the safe removal and replacement of contaminated sampling components
  • 2i-N models are compatible with ASME N511, ASME 510, ASME 509 & ASME AG-1

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  Model 5D Thermal Aerosol Generator

The 5D Thermal Aerosol Generator is designed for operators who require a wide range of aerosol output concentrations to perform leak tests on smaller clean air cabinets through cleanroom air handling systems.


  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Medical Facilities and Cleanrooms
  • Independent Filter Certifiers

The 5D Provides:

  • High Aerosol Output
  • Widest Range of System Flow Rates
  • 3 Minute Warm-up Time
  • Flex-Fuel Capability
  • Rugged Portability
  • Safe and Reliable Operation

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Filter Testing

Air filters are used in countless applications involved in protecting people, products, and critical infrastructure. For more than 50 years, ATI has the leading name in filter testing, offering products and technologies designed to meet the needs of an increasingly regulated and standards driven industry.  ATI’s filter testing technology is used in the testing of flat sheet media, respiratory PPE for occupational health and safety standards, and filter assemblies for nuclear, life sciences, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and military applications.











  100X Automated Filter Tester

The 100X Automated Filter Tester is designed for test and quality control validation of filter media, cartridges and masks used in medical and industrial hygiene applications. Designed to meet NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84, EN 143 and MILStd 282 standards, the 100X is the high capacity automated filter test and validation solution ideally suited to meet the precise and rigorous requirements of R&D, quality control, and production environments.


  • Flat Sheet Filter Media (HEPA / ULPA Grade, Electret media)
  • Filtering Face Pieces
  • Medical Device Filters
  • PAPR Filters

Key Features & Benefits

  • 100% Sampling Aerosol Detection System
  • Most accurate pressure measurement available
  • Best-in-Class Aerosol Flow Rates
  • Aerosol Detection to 99.9995%
  • Patented Aerosol Replenishment System Eliminates Production Down-time.
  • Automatic, Hybrid & Manual Configurations

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Protecting People, Products & Critical Infrastructure