Μετρητές σωματιδίων   Συστήματα συνεχούς παρακολούθησης    Έλεγχος φίλτρων HEPA    Δειγματολήπτες αερογενών μικροβίων
A complete line of handheld, portable and remote particle counters with features such as Touch Screen Displays with zoom capability, Detailed reporting functions, Historical data review, Removable / Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries, and Alpha Numeric location labels just to name a few.   Lighthouse designs, installs and maintains some of the largest, most comprehensive contamination monitoring systems in the world and offers a complete package of  calibration, service, repair, contamination control training and consultation services.
  With over 20 years of experience DOP Solutions have the most developed, robust and extensive range of equipment to meet your testing needs today and will continue to innovate to improve testing confidence and compliance.
  The most economical samplers in the world for monitoring airborne micro-organisms or bioaerosols.