The Endosafe®-MCS™ is a multi-cartridge system that utilizes FDA-licensed disposable cartridges for accurate, convenient endotoxin testing. This bench-top test system is comprised of five individual spectrophotometers built into a unit that runs with your PC and EndoScan-V™, our endotoxin-measuring software.
Disposable cartridges used to run an assay contain precise amounts of LAL reagent, chromogenic substrate and control standard endotoxin (CSE). Since each cartridge runs independently, you can run your samples as needed and not wait for a full batch of samples for testing.


  • Test multiple samples simultaneously
  • Samples run independently, allowing for random access
  • High throughput for real-time results
  • Single-step, semi-quantitative LAL test
  • Uses FDA-licensed LAL cartridges
  • LAL test components all included in cartridges
  • Results can be tracked and trended via EndoScan-V™ and Microtrend.
  • Sophisticated data management and reporting capabilities
  • Samples can be traced to the individual spectrophotometer used to perform the assay.