The Proteus NoEndo™ Spin Column kits provide a simple, standardized method of rapid endotoxin removal from a wide range of recombinant proteins, antibodies and viral vectors. Next generation Proteus kits combine the quality separation you expect from gravity-flow columns with the speed and ease-of-use of spin columns. Proteus spin columns replace lengthy and expensive chromatographic methods such as phase separation and FPLC®.
The Standard and High-Capacity columns incorporate pre-packed resin cartridges utilizing our FlowGo™ technology. The Mini columns are empty columns that incorporate our proprietary SelfSeal™ membrane technology. This ensures that there is no passage of the sample through the membrane during the batch incubation at 40 °C or at room temperature.
Protein samples purified using Proteus spin columns are used for a wide range of laboratory procedures, such as biopharmaceutical preparations for proteins, antibodies and vaccines, allowing a high quantity of samples to be processed simultaneously.