The symphony 7100 Bathless Dissolution System is the most advanced dissolution design to date, bringing to market features never before available on a dissolution unit.
Building upon Distek’s first to market bathless technology, this third generation unit offers the fastest media heating in the industry while empowering the user to conduct up to three unique methods simultaneously.

Patented Bathless Technology
Eliminates the water bath and all associated maintenance while high watt heaters raise media temperatures from ambient to 37 degrees C in less than 15 minutes.

In-Shaft Temperature Sensor
Embedded temperature sensors ensure users compliance and allow continuous control and recording of individual vessel temperatures.

Run Multiple Methods Simultaneously
Up to three independent methods run simultaneously minimizing development time and increasing productivity.

Independent Modules
Configurable for up to 8 positions, the symphony 7100’s self-contained modules allow users unprecedented ease and scalability.

Color Touch Screen Display
The icon driven user interface lowers overall cost by reducing training time and user errors while maximizing productivity and command of the dissolution test.

The next evolution in dissolution...