The Evolution 4300 is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and utilizes highly reliable and accurate syringe pumps for sample collection. Accommodating up to two independent syringe pumps, both dual sampling and simultaneous dissolution methods make the Evolution 4300 the premier Dissolution sampler option.

Positive Displacement Syringe Pump
The single or dual syringe pump configuration allows for accurate, high volume sample collection.

Independent Method Programming
The dual bath configuration allows two different and independent dissolution methods to be run.

Simple Yet Detailed Interface
User Logins set access limits, sampling is logged for audit purposes and the printer provides during and after testing result reports.

Media Recycling and Replacement
Media Recycling and Replacement offer the advantage of returning unused media and replacing the collected sample volume for ease of dissolution calculations.

Five Minute Sampling
The EVO 4300 is ideally suited for immediate release profiling when a sampling time of five minutes between time points is required.*
(*Sampler parameters will affect minimum time intervals)

The next evolution in dissolution...