Offering maximum flexibility and configurability, the Distek Model 2500 Dissolution Test System succeeds four generations of the user-friendly 2100 series. A brilliant touch screen and unparalleled command of the instrument with electronic manuals, serial numbers, electronic qualification labels, and extensive reporting and method storage capabilities make this a robust and reliable system.

"Optional" Wireless In-Shaft Temperature Sensors
“Patent Pending” wireless temperature sensors control and monitor the temperature without the use of a wired sensor.
Continuously monitor and display the in-vessel temperature for each vessel
Easily enable and disable temperature monitoring
Eliminate additional labor to measure temperature and ensure temperature compliance throughout the dissolution test

Color Touch Screen Display
The icon driven user interface lowers overall cost by reducing training time and user errors while maximizing productivity and command of the dissolution test.

Quick Change Paddles and Baskets
Interchangeable stirring elements coupled with the automatic height adjustment provide a fast transition between Apparatus 1 and 2 without having to remove the shaft.

Automatic Height Adjustment
Setting the height is done through a one-time adjustment and utilization of the interchangeable paddles and baskets.

Self-Priming Thermocirculator
The self-priming design and microprocessor control allow for improved temperature uniformity and heating time while the low profile design allows the circulator to be stowed behind the bath, requiring no additional linear bench space.

Volume Flexibility
Accommodates up to 8 vessels ranging in size from 100mL to 4L, allowing the user to run a diverse range of tests.

The next evolution in dissolution...